Tanya Gutova / Harikirtan Kaur –
Is a Moscow-based regression therapist/energy-worker that travels, studies and teachers all over the world.

She holds MA (with honours) in Social Anthropology. Pursuing academic studies she was lucky and honored to receive scholarships to take part in academic programs at Columbia University in New York, USA; London University and some other amazing locations in the world, spending for instance a year in Stockholm, Sweden.
However upon graduation academic mental world appeared too narrow and dry,
And that’s when artistic and holistic healing work came into the picture )).

In 2006 she got professional training in breathwork (rebirthing) from one of the pioneers in the field – Dan Brule (USA) and started working with clients with impressive results, however soon she discovered that would need more tools and skills to do a profound energywork while keeping herself balanced and clear.
She has spent about 6 months in India, spending about 2 months at an ashram of a realized master, which became a crucial experience for further unfoldment.

She got a job as a EU project manager in the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the European Union (7th framework programme).

However holistic work kept calling her, so she started organizing workshops of top-quality therapists and group-leaders from Italy, Germany and France with workshops, seminars and individual session, assisting, translating, learning a big deal and doing inner healing work.

Still there was a strong sense that working with people is an important part of her path and so teachers and tools started to appear in proper time )):
Regression Therapy (Quantum Healing) ™ – trained by Dolores Cannon (USA) - www.dolorescannon.com
AuraTransformation™ - trained by Berit Reaver and supervised by Mari Lauk (Denmark/Estonia) – www.auratransformation.eu
Universal White Time Healing™ (IV levels) – trained by Yvonne Ritzen (Netherlands/Greece)
TimeLineHealing – trained by Sal Rachele (USA/Slovenia)
SoulBodyFusion™ – trained by Jonette Crowley (USA/Denmark) – general and teachers training - http://www.soulbodyfusion.com
Her own integrated method – Recalibration

(You can register for an individual session both in-person and online– it’s quite amazing what can be done with those tools)

Feel free to get in touch:
Tanya.gutova@gmail.com /
www.facebook.com/prem.maharani /
skype- Harikirtan (Tanya Gutova)