Tanya Gutova (Harikirtan Kaur)
has been travelling the globe for the last 10 years getting trained by the best masters in various fields of energy-work and inspired by shamans of Mexico, energy-workers from Denmark and Sweden; regression therapists from USA, colleagues from Estonia and Greece, masters from India.
Now she teachers and gives individual sessions in person and on-line around the world and feels blessed and gratiful for being able to do so.
She will be happy to meet you.

Methods used currently (and different combinations of those, depending on each specific case):
Regression Therapy (Quantum Healing) ™ – trained by Dolores Cannon (USA) - www.dolorescannon.com
TimeLineHealing™ – trained by Sal Rachele (USA/Slovenia)
AuraTransformation™ - trained by Berit Reaver and supervised by Mari Lauk (Denmark/Estonia) – www.auratransformation.eu
Universal White Time Healing™ (IV levels) – trained by Yvonne Ritzen (Netherlands/Greece)

SoulBodyFusion™ – trained by Jonette Crowley (USA/Denmark) – general and teachers training - http://www.soulbodyfusion.com

Her own complex (integrated) method – Recalibration

(You can register for an individual session both in-person and online– it’s quite amazing what can be done with those tools)

Feel free to get in touch: tanya.gutova@gmail.com
skype- Harikirtan (Tanya Gutova)