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'"Recalibration", Past life regressions and "precise healing magic"

Hello beautiful being!

As perfect as we are in our essence, it appears that during the human journey there are so many layers that call for being released and at the same time so many potentials that are waiting to be activated, realised and embodied...
For more than 10 years now (uff time flies :)) i've been exploring and working with multiple tools that help both to transform that what is blocking us and activate that what is in our potential...

The main modalities i've been trained in and have been working with over the years include:
Past life regression/ Quantum healing™ - trained by Dolores Cannon (USA/ Moscow)
TimeLine Healing™ - trained by Sal Raichel (USA/ Lublana)
SoulBodyFusion™ - trained by Jonette Crowley (USA/ Copenhagen) - including the teacher's training
AuraTransformation™ - trained by Berit Reaver and suprevised by Mari Lauk (Denmark/Estonia)
Universal White Time Healing™ - trained by Yvonne Ritzer (Netherlands/ Greece) and Channie West (Sweden/Greece)

My own approach has been developed over the years and i call it -
Recalibration (and lovingly "precise healing magic" :)

Each process is unique and depends on where you are at and what you are ready for...

Among common themes would be working with the "past lives" (when needed), connection with the "inner child"; "inner masculine" and "inner feminine", working with the ancestrial lineages, activating the "inner master" and connection with one's "higher self" (that what we may call soul or spirit).

Most people experience strong shifts and tangible results including tangible physical/ energetic sensations/ shifts during and after the process...
In a way it is like upgrading your personal "software" and "hardware" but even better ))

And i keep receiving beautiful feedbacks ))

From the Testimonials:
“I was working for a long time on this and now a have a feeling of a breakthrough that I’ve been aiming at for quiet a while already… as if in a few hours a work of many years was accomplished…I also feel more energy and even my posture changed. I am so gratful for the process and for the results! I wish you much luck with the amazing work you are doing”. (Sergey, financial analytic)

A full-length session may last from 2-2.5 up to 5 hours (including the talk) and at times even longer.
Best if there are no strict time limitations...

I'd be glad to give further information and to answer questions if that's something you are resonating with...
whatsapp +79035017865
instagramm - harikirtan_tanya