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с 17.01.2017 по 30.01.2017

Individual Sessions with Harikirtan Kaur (Tanya Gutova)

If you feel that you hold more potential in various areas of your life
If you know that you have more gifts to share with the world (that most probably only you can share!)
That there can be more joy and fulfillment in your relationships, interactions
More flow, abundance, grace - perhaps it is time to Recalibrate!

Not following the purpose of your own spirit can become «costly» nowadays – it shows physically, emotionally etc…

Aligning with your own Spirit, with your core energy – is like updating your «software» - in fact even better… It allows you to open for more love, more grace, more syncronicities, more of your own talents and potential, becoming more grounded and embracing life on a new level…

Tanya Gutova / Harikirtan Kaur applies the cutting-edge methods, that she received from the best masters all over the world:
Regression therapy/ Quantum healing™ (www.dolorescannon.com) ;
TimeLineHealing™; AuraTransformation™ (www.auratransformation.eu);
Universal White Time Helaing™ (IV levels); Board of Knowledge™;
SoulBodyFusion™ (www.soulbodyfusion.com)
as well as her own integrated method – Recalibration

Types of sessions:
45-60 minutes (inperson or online)-
SoulBodyFusion™ in combination with Universal White Time Healing™ and Board of Knowledge™

2.5 – 5 hours – complex session
Recalibration / AuraTransformation™

2.5 – 5 hours – Regression Therapy/

From Testimonials:
“I was working for a long time on this and now a have a feeling of a breakthrough that I’ve been aiming at for quiet a while already… as if in a few hours a work of many years was accomplished…I also feel more energy and even my posture changed. I am so greatful for the process and for the results! I wish you much luck with the amazing work you are doing”. (Sergey, Moscow, financial analytic)

Feel free to get in touch:

Skype: Harikirtan (Tanya Gutova)